Portraiture Reflection

For this project I was assigned to take photos of myself, other people, groups of people, and people or myself with a prop. For this photos I took a picture of myself with flowers from a tree and I stood in front of a white poor.

I used color with the tank top and the flowers against a white background causing them to stand out. I was the point of interest and the door represented as leading lines in order to focus the viewer at the subject matter.

I was the subject matter in this photo. I incorporated my voice by using a bright tank top and bright flowers with natural sunlight. It helped me view the world differently because I have never liked to take photos of myself or people for that matter, but I had to find a way to make visually interesting photos that expressed my voice.

My strength was thinking of what pictures to take, but my weakness was that I couldn’t execute those pictures in the exact way I wanted to. If I had to change anything else, I would change the amount of pictures I had to take of myself to 5 instead of 10.


Panorama Reflection

For this assignment I was tasked with taking photos of a location the means something to me. I took 3 rows of 5 photos to get 15 photos to make my panorama. I took the photo from an angle and I used a cloudy day to show character.

In this photo I used rule of thirds and do not center to bring balance to my photo. I used emphasis and color to focus on the gazebo.

My subject matter in this photo was the gazebo. I used my voice by picking an object of color with a darker background. I chose a subject matter that means something to me and I wanted to show how serene this location is. This assignment made me view my world differently because I had to take a picture that would invite people into my life and into my safe place.

My weakness in the assignment wasn’t taking the photo, but it was putting the photo together to create panorama. I had to glue the correct pieces together and line everything up, and that was frustrating. If I could change this assignment I would have taken more than 15 photos to show more of what is being seen by my point of view.

Gif Reflection



For this assignment I was tasked with making a moving photo with objects of my choice. I made a gif of red solo cups because stacked and being brought down. I used a black backdrop to make the solo cups stand out in a bright room to get a clear image.

When I put the cups in the frame I don’t center them and I bring them in from the side. Leading lines was developed with the bottom and the top of the solo cups. I used movement by moving the cups and by making the gif.

The subject matter in my gif are the solo cups. I used my voice by moving the cups in different ways and choosing a bright cup as my subject matter. This made me view the world differently because I had to find a way to make my assignment visually interesting and I used more of my voice to do this.

My strengths in this assignment was that I easily came up with an idea and I made the gif something I wanted to see. My weakness in this assignment was that I accidentally moved my camera allowing the cabinets to be seen in some of the gif. I would not have changed anything in this assignment because I really enjoyed doing this project. This was one of my favorite projects.

Noun Reflection: Nature


For this Nature photoshoot I took pictures of two trees and a pond with leaves. I went to the woods to take pictures of my topic, nature. To setup my scene I crouched down in order to take pictures with angles in order to show more detail. For the tree with carvings and the pond, I didn’t center the object. Unlike the pond, I used emphasis on the carvings of the tree and the hole of the other tree. These strategies brought detail to my photos and made them more interesting. By choosing trees and a pond, I used my voice to show what I like to take pictures of and I prefer to take photos of object up close and at angles to add character. My view of the world changed because by choosing what to take photos of, I was able to get more variety. My strength was that I was always out taking photos, but my weakness was add interest in my photos when the colors of my photos are of greys and browns. I wouldn’t change this assignment because I was able to chose what I could take pictures of, and it allowed me to enjoy it instead of viewing it as a task.

Fox Talbot Parody Reflection



For this photo shoot, I took a photo of an old building. I took a picture of it because I knew I could capture immense amount of detail in my photos. I went to the back of the building because I liked the way the sun surrounded the building.

I used Rule of Thirds and balance by fitting the building, sky, and sun into the frame. To use color I put the photo into photoshop and changed the picture to have a yellow tint in order to resemble Fox Talbot’s photos.

I used this building to mimic Fox Talbot because he took picture of buildings, nature, and some candid photos of people. I used my voice by using an angle and finding an object that was interesting and stood out. This assignment changed my view of the world because it allowed me to move out of mostly photos of nature and take photos of more unique aspects in the world.

My weakness in this assignment was trying to use my own voice while trying to incorporate Talbot’s also. It was frustrating at times, but I finally grew past that. I won’t change anything in this assignment because I am proud of the photos I took and the task kept me motivated.

Artist Statement

During this semester in photography, I have successfully learned how to use my camera to the point where I am comfortable with the settings. I want to express creativity through my photographs and I want to have a stress free hobby that is beneficial in opening my eyes into the real word.

I have learned how to change my ISO in order to have good lighting, how to capture good depth of field pictures in order to not have distractions, how to make certain focus points of a picture stand out from the rest, and how to use the rules of composition to capture a balanced picture. Composition is the elements that make up art, and I used it in my photos by using the Rules of Composition. The rules are designed to balance a photo. I have mostly used Rule of Thirds to tell a full story of a photo, not just a chapter. Contrast and Emphasis are used frequently in my photos to portray my personality. Like in my ‘Rules of Composition Reflection’ post, I emphasized the contrasting green with the surrounding grey leaves.

My least favorite assignment was the Depth of Field photo shoot because I ran out of ideas of what to take pictures of for the 10 Great Depth of Field pictures. My favorite photo shoot was the Color Composition photo shoot because I was able to be creative and I found a wide variety of subject matters.

I have noticed that my photos tend to have a theme of nature or objects within society. I love to take pictures of buildings and I love to walk through the woods because everything is unique. I love unique subject matters because you may find it one time and never again, and if you connect that philosophy to real life, opportunities come and go, it is the ones you take advantage of that change you.

My most successful aspect of my first semester in photography is that I always took pictures of things that captured my attention, and I didn’t focus to much on just looking for objects to take pictures of because they were due next class. The most difficult aspect of my first semester in photography has been trying to be creative. I want my work to standout from others, and it would mean the world to me if anyone noticed how much I care about my work. In the future of photography class, I want to learn how to reach my full potential in order to express a unique voice.

ISO Reflection


For this photo shoot my favorite picture was of the subject matter of the Universal Studios sign. I went to Florida for vacation, and we went to Universal Studios. To set up my scene, I had to wait for the ball to spin around multiple times in order for me to take a picture of the full sign with no blurriness and with good lighting.

The rules of composition I used were rule of thirds with the sky, logo, and the bushes in order to provide emphasis and color, elements and principles, that made a interesting picture.

I chose my subject matter because it was bright and large, and that represented my bubbly personality. This assignment helped me view the world differently because I had to take a picture that would let me remember my trip as amazing and unique.

My weakness in this assignment was adjusting my ISO on the camera because a lot of my night pictures came out black. I was very good at taking daytime pictures though. I wouldn’t change anything about this assignment if I could.

Motion and Shutter Speed Reflection



When it began raining, went into my yard and took a picture of raindrops hitting a puddle because water makes unique photos. I used leading lines to direct he viewers attention to the rain on the sidewalk, and leading lines helps to move the viewers attention from contrasting elements. Some Elements and Principles of design I used were line, movement, and pattern. The raindrops were the pattern, the sidewalk was the line, and movement was the raindrops slashing in the puddle. I chose to use raindrops in my picture because they look very cool and I have never done a picture of rain for Photography Class. I used my voice by including the bright green of the grass and the imperfections of the raindrops. This assignment changed my view of the world because it was difficult to find moving objects, even when many object move in the world. I wanted to be creative, and the limited my subject matter, allowing me to look harder and deeper at objects. My weakness was that I struggled to find blur and panning photos, while I found a majority of freeze pictures. If I had to change this assignment I would have liked to get to understand my camera better by asking the teacher to help me learn my controls, so I lived up to my true potential.

Depth of Field Reflection

I went to the park and I took a picture of a hybrid flower after looking around at multiple plants. I changed my aperture to focus on the flower. By using Rule of Thirds, the image isn’t just focused on the flower, but the greenery is included. By using color and emphasis, the flower is the main focus of the picture instead of the greenery. I chose my subject matter because it was very colorful and I loved how the pink and white complemented each other. I used my voice my choosing a simplistic object, but finding a flower that had character. My view has changed because I now can look at something far away and see that has the same value as something right in front of me. I struggled to find good great distance photos that fulfilled the requirements, but I think I found some interesting objects still. If I could have changed the assignment, I would have assigned more shallow depth of Field photos, and decreased the amount of great depth of Field photos.

Color Composition Photo Shoot


I took a picture of my dog with a green hat on and I brought them outside in front of a grey brick wall. I thought the grey would look good in the picture. I used background and contrast to focus the viewer on the bright green hat. The green pops out from the grey background and the brown dog. My subject matter was the green hat. My voice was expressed because the hat was bright and in my opinion creative. This assignment changed me because I was forced to look for green items that weren’t bland and were creative. My weakness was that I found a lot of nature pictures, but I thought I found some really cool objects. If I could change anything, I would change my color because I struggled to find good green pictures that were interesting. I would rather have had the color red.

Rules of Composition Reflection


I took this picture in the woods near my house because the features are always changing, and I knew could find something interesting. I took a picture of a nut because the green added character to the brown wood terrain. I didn’t have to set up my scene because I thought that the landscape was perfect for my photo. The leaves and twigs didn’t take away value from the green nut. I chose the green as my subject matter because I felt the green balanced the landscape very well. The elements and principles I used were emphasis, contrast, and color. The green is the color I used, and the green contrasts the grayish brown path. I emphasized the green nut because I centered it and the viewer’s eyes are drawn to it. The rules of composition made my picture better because by me using ‘Creative With Color’, my picture has a main subject point and the colors in my picture make each other have value. I think using the rules make my pictures make better all together. I think I found photo subjects very easily because I think photography has allowed me to see value in every form of shape/object and I am very proud of my photos, but I don’t think I took a wide variety of photos. My voice has been expressed by me using such a vibrant color as my subject matter. The only thing I would change about this assignment would be that I find a wider variety of subjects.

Photography Expectations

I took Photography as a class this year because taking photos is already something I am interested. I wanted to learn how to work a camera to its full extent properly. The place I want to be with my photography is that I want to be able to take a breath-taking, unique photo. I do not know my future goals as of right now, so I thought photography class would help me decide if I want to be a photographer. I enjoy taking photos as a hobby, and I wanted to see if that could become a career. My teacher can help me reach these goals by giving me detailed advice and instructions. I want to not only take good photos, but I want to be able to operate a camera successfully.