Literary Shadowbox Reflection

img_5916For this Literary Shadowbox, I represented the book, “A Thousand Pieces of You,” written by Claudia Grey. I included a office building, located in the front, the Eiffel Tower, located on the left, and a building that would be seen in Moscow, located on the right. These location represented the locations visited in the story, and they are seen in the order that they were traveled to in the book. This book is centered around the main character being able to travel to different dimensions that show the different possibilities of life that can be lived. I wanted the audience to look at this artwork and see the possibilities that are available. I left space in the center of the project to symbolize that possibilities that have not occurred yet or been seen. I would view this artwork as a success because I feel like I interpreted the book in an art format very well. I feel like a major part of the book I used is incorporated into my artwork. The principles of design I used was balance when I kept the building the same height, showing that these locations hold the same importance. The element of art is shape.


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