Artists Who Work in Wood

I found a wooden goblet covered in detailing of grape vines that is made by Nairi Safaryan. This artist always works with art, and he just won The Grand Prize at the Carving Artistry Contest that is sponsored by Pfeil and Woodcraft Magazine for his finely detailed jewelry box. He has always worked with wood, but it was not said what kind of wood he works with. His projects take an immense amount of time and detailing because he lives up to his label as “Master Woodcarver.”

This goblet has fine detailing of vines and grapes. The stem of the goblet is shaped after the main stem or root of a grape plant. The wood that is not detailed, along the top and base, is very smooth and has no ridges. The detailing of the goblet is very fine because the vines go in many directions and the leaves and grapes have details, and they vary in size and shape.

This work of art is one of many household object that Nairi creates, but the art always has a spin on it. This object is very balanced and light when you compare the detailing to the smooth areas of the goblet. The detailing doesn’t overpower the artwork, and it looks exquisite.

I personally don’t think this artwork holds any hidden meaning behind it, other than it is a goblet or a wine glass, and it has the detailing that adds character to the glass. I don’t think this artwork was difficult or took long with Nairi being a “Master Woodcarver” either. The detailing makes sense in the way that grapes make wine, and wine is drunken out of a wine glass.

The goblet is beautiful and it has very precise detailing. The idea of grape vines on a wine glass is very common, so this artwork is not very unique. The artist did however go above those other glass wine glass by using wood, and that allowed him to add finer detail. The artwork is eye drawing because of the intricate detailing of the grape stems, leaves, and grapes. The element of art used is shape.

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