Thinking and Writing About Your Work


Artwork I founded


My Artwork

The title of my artwork is, “Awareness and Causes of Depression.” My initial ideas for this project were to express how deeply someone can be effected by an event or many events, and how that event changed their mind, causing them to spiral into depression. I think I communicated my message very well because I added detailing that showed causes were, and I think the feeling you get when you see my project also carries my message across to the viewers.

What I found easy during this project was coming up with ideas of how to send my message across to an audience. What I found hard was trying to configure those ideas into on project. I came up with so many ideas, that I had to narrow them down to fit into this on shadowbox. I am pleased with my artwork because I feel my message comes across, and this shadowbox took me a lot of time to construct because I put so much work and effort into it.

The mood of my artwork would be worrisome, scary and said. The theme I used for this project was how someone is effected by events that lead them into depression. I think I have explored my theme using visual language by putting in a symbols of events that really effect someone’s emotions, and that puts and mood or light on my topic.

There are no links between this artwork and my formal artwork, other than that I used a shadowbox for my artwork. From the artwork I have found, the similarities are that we both involved the brain or mind into our artwork, and we both used black to convey emotion. The main idea I have learned from looking at other’s artwork is that the mind is a very important concept when symbolizing depression, and that without the effects of the mind in a piece of artwork shown, the artwork can’t truly symbolize depression. The element of art shown is shape.


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