Ceramic Elephant Whistle


My assignment for this project was to construct a whistle that worked, and the whistle had to be creative and neatly constructed. I decided to make my whistle into an elephant head because I wanted my project to be detailed. The elephant has grooves throughout it’s trunk and the project has grooves near the location of the eyes. I thought of an elephant because I wanted to add a realistic project, and I thought the trunk would be an interesting detail to add.

If I had to compare the difficulty of my pinch pot(ceramic bowl) to my elephant whistle, I would have to say that the whistle was more difficult. When I first constructed my simple whistle that had no detail added to it, the bottom of the whistle collapsed. With my whistle I had to add a lot of extra clay, so I had to really work it to make sure there were no air bubbles(it could explode if there are pockets of air). It was also difficult to add the detail and smooth the clay to the original whistle because I had to make it look like the whistle was made from the same piece of clay, and I had to make sure I didn’t smash or break my whistle. Luckily I didn’t not have an issue with the whistle working throughout my project because a major part of the project is if the whistle works.

The project I enjoyed more would be making my whistle. I was able to add much more detail, and I could be more creative with my project. I was surprised by the amount of difficulty I had with this project’s ears. I constructed many ears, but I had issues with tearing(clay was too wet) and cracking(clay was too dry). When I tried smoothing the ears to the whistle, I had difficulty getting in the awkward angle the ears were attached. After quite some time, I successfully smoothed the ears while keeping the ears at the same angle because I wanted the elephant’s ears to be realistically positioned.

To complete this project, I will add glaze. I want the majority of the elephant to be grey, but I will paint the rims around the eyes, the tusks, and the grooves carved into the trunk, black. The element of art shown is form.


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