Ceramic Sgraffito Pinch Pot


For this project the assignment was to create a sgraffito, ceramic pinch pot(bowl) out of clay. I used the pinch method, which is using your hands and pushing your fingers from the inside and the outside of the clay to create a thin wall that is the same thickness throughout the project. I used the sgraffito decoration technique, which is putting black glaze on your clay project and carving away the glaze to create a design. If I could change anything, it would be that I could of worked more efficiently and carefully to make my carved design (sgraffito) look more professional and clean. I didn’t scrape all of the glaze away form my clay, so after the project was fired, the black is in the white colored clay. I like my design because it reminds my of ancient blueprints/drawings of tunnels. The shape of my bowl came out the way I wanted it to(wide and short). The top of my project isn’t completely level, but it is smooth. The inside of my project is smooth, which is great because we were supposed to used the rib tool to clean out bumps. I think this project was successful with its form and design choice, but I should have scraped all of the glaze out and leveled the top better. The element of art used is color.


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