Ceramic Elephant Whistle

IMG_2618.JPGFor this project, I made an elephant shaped, ceramic whistle. I successfully made the whistle work, by getting a sharp sound out of it. Another thing that I viewed as successfully was that my project didn’t crack while in the kiln and my project was smooth and had no excess clay to make bumps. The most challenging part of glazing my project was getting the right color. When mixing glazes to get the color that I wanted, I didn’t lighten the black enough to paint the head. The eyes were supposed to be the pure black that the glaze originally was, while the rest of the head was supposed to come out a light grey to resemble a real elephant. If I could do this project again differently, I would curl the trunk upwards instead of tucking it in, and I would definitely lighten the coloring of my glazed head to a light grey. I used the element of art known as form when I shaped the elephant and made dents to show aging.


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