Ceramic Scenary

IMG_2619.JPGThis project’s assignment was to find a image of a scenery that interested the artist, and to depict the project as accurately as we can on a 5 inch by 5 inch clay tile. I chose a picture of the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. This place shows where I want to live, and it shows the identity of what the community is like, which is vibrant. I chose this picture because I want to live there after graduating high school. In comparison to the whistle project the whistle was more difficult. Even though this project had much more detail needed, I struggled to whistle into a elephant. The first whistle I made was too wet, so it caved in, and I had to make a completely new whistle in a shortened time period. I also dealt with adding heavy pieces onto the whistle, where as this project didn’t require that much clay to be added on. This project did have it’s struggles while trying to scrape away clay to create a leveled effect, the clay didn’t cooperate as much as I would have like. Since this project was large, pieces dried out at different times, so I dealt with parts that were too wet or too dry. I was surprised at the color the building turned out to be. It was much more vibrant than I expected, but it resembles a rustic color, which is what I wanted. The project I enjoyed the most was probably the elephant whistle because I think that a clay whistle is such a cool creation, and I spent so much time on that project, that I can really appreciate it. The element of art used is color.


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