Metal Metaphor Sculpture

IMG_3198IMG_2755IMG_2756IMG_2757IMG_2759For this project, I decided to construct my sculpture based on the metaphor, “The dancer was as graceful as an eagle taking flight. This project was supposed to show juxtaposition between a dancer and an eagle. This metaphor means that the dancer did an amazing job, and she danced elegantly, as a professional would. An eagle is known for having powerful, stable wings. Comparing these two objects means that they are both talented and skillful. I will be using metal wiring to make an exoskeleton of an eagle, mesh wiring to covered the eagle, and gold metal to cover and form ballet shoes. My eagle will have it’s wings extended, and it’s claws will not be shown, but instead ballet shoes will be in it’s place. The element of art used is shape. I could used less glue when constructing the eagle, but I liked the way it turned out. The wings came out symmetrical, but the project was a bit messy or rushed looking.


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