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My Artwork

The title of my artwork is, “Awareness and Causes of Depression.” My initial ideas for this project were to express how deeply someone can be effected by an event or many events, and how that event changed their mind, causing them to spiral into depression. I think I communicated my message very well because I added detailing that showed causes were, and I think the feeling you get when you see my project also carries my message across to the viewers.

What I found easy during this project was coming up with ideas of how to send my message across to an audience. What I found hard was trying to configure those ideas into on project. I came up with so many ideas, that I had to narrow them down to fit into this on shadowbox. I am pleased with my artwork because I feel my message comes across, and this shadowbox took me a lot of time to construct because I put so much work and effort into it.

The mood of my artwork would be worrisome, scary and said. The theme I used for this project was how someone is effected by events that lead them into depression. I think I have explored my theme using visual language by putting in a symbols of events that really effect someone’s emotions, and that puts and mood or light on my topic.

There are no links between this artwork and my formal artwork, other than that I used a shadowbox for my artwork. From the artwork I have found, the similarities are that we both involved the brain or mind into our artwork, and we both used black to convey emotion. The main idea I have learned from looking at other’s artwork is that the mind is a very important concept when symbolizing depression, and that without the effects of the mind in a piece of artwork shown, the artwork can’t truly symbolize depression. The element of art shown is shape.


Artists Who Work in Wood

I found a wooden goblet covered in detailing of grape vines that is made by Nairi Safaryan. This artist always works with art, and he just won The Grand Prize at the Carving Artistry Contest that is sponsored by Pfeil and Woodcraft Magazine for his finely detailed jewelry box. He has always worked with wood, but it was not said what kind of wood he works with. His projects take an immense amount of time and detailing because he lives up to his label as “Master Woodcarver.”

This goblet has fine detailing of vines and grapes. The stem of the goblet is shaped after the main stem or root of a grape plant. The wood that is not detailed, along the top and base, is very smooth and has no ridges. The detailing of the goblet is very fine because the vines go in many directions and the leaves and grapes have details, and they vary in size and shape.

This work of art is one of many household object that Nairi creates, but the art always has a spin on it. This object is very balanced and light when you compare the detailing to the smooth areas of the goblet. The detailing doesn’t overpower the artwork, and it looks exquisite.

I personally don’t think this artwork holds any hidden meaning behind it, other than it is a goblet or a wine glass, and it has the detailing that adds character to the glass. I don’t think this artwork was difficult or took long with Nairi being a “Master Woodcarver” either. The detailing makes sense in the way that grapes make wine, and wine is drunken out of a wine glass.

The goblet is beautiful and it has very precise detailing. The idea of grape vines on a wine glass is very common, so this artwork is not very unique. The artist did however go above those other glass wine glass by using wood, and that allowed him to add finer detail. The artwork is eye drawing because of the intricate detailing of the grape stems, leaves, and grapes. The element of art used is shape.

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Literary Shadowbox Reflection

img_5916For this Literary Shadowbox, I represented the book, “A Thousand Pieces of You,” written by Claudia Grey. I included a office building, located in the front, the Eiffel Tower, located on the left, and a building that would be seen in Moscow, located on the right. These location represented the locations visited in the story, and they are seen in the order that they were traveled to in the book. This book is centered around the main character being able to travel to different dimensions that show the different possibilities of life that can be lived. I wanted the audience to look at this artwork and see the possibilities that are available. I left space in the center of the project to symbolize that possibilities that have not occurred yet or been seen. I would view this artwork as a success because I feel like I interpreted the book in an art format very well. I feel like a major part of the book I used is incorporated into my artwork. The principles of design I used was balance when I kept the building the same height, showing that these locations hold the same importance. The element of art is shape.

Final Paper Sculpture Reflection

img_0373This project involved finding a topic and symbolizing it. I was interested in the topic of depression because it effected my close friend. She luckily got help, but it was a struggle because she struggled with suicudal thoughts. When making my project I added the words, “RIP” on a casket because it represented the death of her grandmother and her having suicidal thoughts and actions. The rose on the front represents a flower someone puts on a casket when a loved one dies. It also represents that a part of the person with depression is now lost along with their loved ones life. I added a check in the project because I wanted to represent the worry and stress of paying bills can cause someone to be depressed or their depression to worsen. The broken heart represents someone being hurt or having the feeling of isolation. There is black paper as the back, because I wanted it to represent the darkness and isolation someone with depression feels. The black paper also represented how the person who was once there is now covered and hidden with something darker and lonelier. I put these elements in the space where I cut a human brain. Behind the human brain is the haunting of depression. The principles of design and elements of art I used were contrast and color when I used black paper in the back of my project. I also used space when I positioned everything inside of the brain, so everything was clearly seen. I thought using paper was a fitting choice because paper can rip easily, and even when you glue or tape it back together, it can never go back to what it was. I made a shadowbox because it represents the endless causes behind depression, and it shows the layer of what a depressed person feels. After making my shadowbox, I put a light behind the project and it transformed. Putting black paper in the back helped the shadowbox have a sinister look to it. The black paper added more depth to the shadowbox, making it more enhancing to look at. If I could change anything, I would take more time on making my details more precise. I would have cut straighter and make it look less messy. I felt strong with my idea of what I was going to make and how I was going to show it. I had the plan of what I was going to do when I started, and that helped me immensely. I would view this artwork as a success because my goal was to give people who saw it a understanding of how much depression affects someone, and how events in life really affect how someone lives, thinks, and acts. The element of art is shape. This art shows instrumentalism.

My Third Blog Post

imageFor this project I ¬†created a model of my home. The side closest to the camera is a garage and an attic. The two windows represent my brother’s room and my room. I have a porch attached to my garage. A tree is placed in front of my house. I have a patio in the back, but I didn’t incorporate that into my artwork.

I included the elements of design into my artwork too. I used emphasis by focusing more on the garage and attic by adding windows and shaping it to be unique. I used shape and form to make my artwork pop and be exciting.

I view the meaning of my artwork as a representation of being welcomed. I always want everyone to be welcomed when they are invited to my home. I wanted to try and carry that into my project by making my project big and open to interpretation about what other details are needed to be added.

I think my artwork was very successful. It was my first time doing anything like this, and I think that I did a decent job on it. I wanted represent an open house and I achieved that. The element of art used is shape.

My Second Blog Post

Questions to my Future Self from Freshman year:

1) How has your high school year been so far?

2) What will your first job be?

3) What have your recent activities been?

4) What college will you attend and will career will you pursue?

My First Blog Post

imageHi, my name is Jordan Skrief. I like to listen to music and go on walks with my dog, Bailey. My favorite season is summer and my favorite activity during this time is go to the park. My favorite animal is the Sea Turtle and my favorite vacation location is Southport, North Carolina. I love to read and hangout with my older sister, Morgan.