My Third Blog Post

imageFor this project I ¬†created a model of my home. The side closest to the camera is a garage and an attic. The two windows represent my brother’s room and my room. I have a porch attached to my garage. A tree is placed in front of my house. I have a patio in the back, but I didn’t incorporate that into my artwork.

I included the elements of design into my artwork too. I used emphasis by focusing more on the garage and attic by adding windows and shaping it to be unique. I used shape and form to make my artwork pop and be exciting.

I view the meaning of my artwork as a representation of being welcomed. I always want everyone to be welcomed when they are invited to my home. I wanted to try and carry that into my project by making my project big and open to interpretation about what other details are needed to be added.

I think my artwork was very successful. It was my first time doing anything like this, and I think that I did a decent job on it. I wanted represent an open house and I achieved that. The element of art used is shape.

My Second Blog Post

Questions to my Future Self from Freshman year:

1) How has your high school year been so far?

2) What will your first job be?

3) What have your recent activities been?

4) What college will you attend and will career will you pursue?

My First Blog Post

imageHi, my name is Jordan Skrief. I like to listen to music and go on walks with my dog, Bailey. My favorite season is summer and my favorite activity during this time is go to the park. My favorite animal is the Sea Turtle and my favorite vacation location is Southport, North Carolina. I love to read and hangout with my older sister, Morgan.